I have always been interested in order and chaos as well as being fascinated by photography's capacity to frame elements of our visual world. The photographic process is by it's very nature selective. You leave out a lot of the world when you take a photograph. Part of my attraction to photography is that it provides a tool which I can use to make some sort of personal order or sense of the world with. As well as spending time taking photographs, I also spend time looking at them searching for patterns and common threads that can unify if not all the photos then some of them into groups or pairs. Often, during this editorial process, I discover subjects in the pictures which I will knowingly look for in the future. The Red Car series as well as the Mannequin series are examples of having stumbled upon a subject but then kept looking for again and again. However, I equally like to "invent" relationships between photographs in the editorial process to create sequences or groups of images that initially appear to have less in common.